Sunday, April 25, 2010

Josh is ordained!

Josh giving his testimony

Josh's ordination was on April 11th 2o1o after we had the birthday party at our house. It was an extremely special occasion. Pastor Tim Neptune preached a sermon to the pastor's and had a few other pastor's from the ordination council speak as well. Then, each man had to share his testimony to the congregation and Josh brought me and everyone else to tears when he addressed me at the very end of his. Then all ordained pastor's prayed over the men:for their families, calling and their ministry. Then Pastor Neptune preached and then the men were presented their certificates and the wives flowers. There was a party afterwards at the church where the men got a concordance of every book of the Bible and the wives got a book as well. I didn't take a ton of pictures bc we had a photographer there and all the pictures as well as the service are on FBC Marco's website. We also had other family member's attend such as Josh's mom, G-G and sister (jennifer) who are not pictured on this blog but super grateful they were there in love and support!

Two prego pastor's wives: I found out I was pregnant at their house!

Pastor's wives who's husband's just got ordained:

Katie, Jamie, Amanda, Jenny and myself

whewww...we've survived!

Pastor Aron put his ordination certificate down somewhere so we wives shared our flowers :)

Praying over our husbands

Mimi and poppy

Jim, Jenny and Ashley

Grandpa, Sara and Stephen (Amanda-pastor Casey wife ducking her head :)

daddy's first baby gift for Elijah from me

Daddy and Kaylee on April 10th-their birthday! After an amazing dinner

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