Friday, March 26, 2010

Naples Zoo

We finally after living in Naples for over a year got to the Naples Zoo. It is quite expensive to go to this zoo, but on the first Saturday of every month you can get in for free if your a resident. So we finally found a Saturday we could go and and got there early bc we were told it gets crowded. We had a great time. Kaylee did great with all the animals and loved making the sounds with them. This time she wasnt afraid of the monkeys, she loved them! The lion scared her a little when she started doing his "call", boy was it loud! We got to take a boat ride to see the monkeys on the islands where they live. Then afterwards we played on the playground before leaving. We got there at the perfect time bc when we were wrapping up with the last animals it was starting to get crowded.

Visit Auntie Gail and Bob

Josh has Monday's off, so one monday this past month we packed up and headed to "The Villages". It is a city North of Atlanta. It is a really cool place. It is a place where inside the town they have everything they need. They can drive there cars everywhere or the golf carts to where ever they want to go. And when I say golf carts, most of the golf carts are more dected out and cost more than many people's own personal cars.(not everyone's is like that but many have some pretty amazing golf carts) It's pretty neat. We got to their home around lunch time and enjoyed a wonderful meal with them and then spent the afternoon with them until around 6 pm and then had to head back home because we had a 4 hour drive. We had an absolute blast! Kaylee and I have never met Bob before becuase he is sick and if you have even a slight temp or cough, ect you can't come around him. The last time we stopped bye Kaylee had the sniffles, so Autnie Gail met us at one of the resturants in the town and Kaylee and I got to spend some time with her. It was great getting to see her again and getting to meet Bob for the first time. After lunch Auntie Gail took Kaylee and I out on the golf cart to show us around while Josh
stayed back with Bob. Kaylee is like her daddy where she has to adjust to the new people before opening up with her bubbly personality. After a little while she loved on Auntie Gail and Bob like she had been around them every day of her life. It was so sweet and special! We pray we can get back there again in a couple of months!

Giving Auntie Gail a High-5

Kaylee and Bob

Daddy, Kaylee, Bob and Autie Gail

Kaylee takin to Grandpa on the way home

Kaylee is growing up!

Kaylee is turning 2 in two weeks. Time sure does fly bye! She has changed so much. She is just now fitting into her 12-18 month size clothes and size 4 shoe. She just started twoish weeks ago wearing size 4 diapers. Even though she is a tiny lil thing right now she is a ball full of energy. My goodness I have an idea of what my mom went through with me :)
She loves her frog (and it smells terrible bc she sucks on the silky part at night and sometimes during the day if we go somewhere). I have to wash the frog once a week just so we can survive with it being around :) She is a lover but not a cuddler (unless she's sick). She loves to run up to you and randomly give out kisses, especially if your in the bed. I think she could give mommy and daddy kisses all day long. I am praying that our next baby (we know the gender and name but not announcing yet) will be a cuddler! Kaylee wants nothing to do with cuddling or rocking! She crosses her arms in the sign of love to tell you she loves you but right now she gets a kick out of telling us "no" when we ask if mommy and/or daddy love her or if she loves us because we have a tickle "fight' with her and she loves it.

We have started to read in our bed at night to get her calmed down at night time. Doesn't happen every night but try to. She says B, B-which means her Bible. She loves reading her Bible, we just pray that this desire will continue throughout the rest of her life. She also loves to sing and dance. Oh my does she have her daddy and mommy in her. In the shower, yes daddy calls it "water park", where he stops the drain with a plastic bag with magnets to where the water fills up while the water falls down from our shower head and plays in the 'water park". Usually Kaylee tells daddy she wants him in and she doesn't usually give up until he gets's quite humerous! In the shower she will start singing and dancing and having a ball!

When we ask her a question or ask her to do something she says "ta" for "ok". It is so cute, just melts our hearts! We are working on using her words and learning new words. She has got quite a few animal sounds down such as: monkey, lion, dog, cat, cow, duck, ect. Now we are trying to get her to learn the actual words to them and other things.

Kaylee plays so well on her own. I am amazed at how she keeps herself entertained! She is all girl and loves to play with her dolls, stroller, purses, dress up clothes and shoes, oh especially shoes and her kitchen and all the things that go with it. She absolutely loves shoes!!! She has to show everyone her shoes!

I am sure I am forgetting a lot of stuff right now so I will post some more when I can get internet access and remember what else I wanted to post so we wouldn't forget!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Baby # 2 updates

Sorry it's been so long family and friends since I have up dated our blog. I am 14 weeks pregnant (3 1/2 months) and it has been a tough pregnancy so far for me. I am not complaining, greatful I have a precious child in my womb but it has been difficult compared to when I was carrying Kaylee. I have been nausea off and on a lot of days, which brings me to a point of laying on the couch a lot or in the floor by Kaylee playing. I have been getting severe headaches (usually at least one a day, sometimes more) that last for a good while..even Tylenol doesn't help some of them. I am not as exhausted these past two weeks, praise the Lord, because I was taking a nap almost every day while Kaylee took a nap (sometimes 2-3 hour naps). I hated it becuase I felt like I had lost so much time in the day to get stuff done but I know this is what my body is needing right now so I am just having to "let my house go" a little. I like everything in it's place and clean but lately it hasn't been like that everyday when Josh gets home.

He has been such an amazing husband and daddy. He's been so considerate by helping out extra with Kaylee and even getting her out of our condo for "adventures" a lot of nights. Sometimes they are only gone for 30 minutes (just enough time to get all the dishes cleaned up and the rest in the dish washer ) but Kaylee's loves them and it gives me some quiet time while I get it done. He has been great with dealing with the mess when he gets home.

I have also been getting sharp shooting pains in my legs, I think from sitting too long but I haven't been back to the doctor to be for sure. It can be quite painful and there is not much I can do to get rid of it. I get up and walk around and move up and down my legs and knees and it helps a little. I gained almost 6 pounds in between my first and second doctor's appointment. I will find out where I am when we go back to the doctor on March 22. We hope to find out the sex of our baby. We think it's a boy :) because this has been a completely different pregnancy and much harder. We are going to wait to announce it everyone when Josh get's ordained on April 11. Kaylee and his birthday is the day before, the 10th so we are going to dye the inside of her cake the color of the sex of the baby.

What has been super exciting is that I have been able to feel our baby move for about a week now..not just wow..that felt like he/she flipped. It's not an all day experience but it's been pretty cool. Josh got to feel the baby last night for the first time. I know it's early but I read that it is normal to feel the baby earlier with the second pregnancy. God is good no matter how long the yuckness last...only 6 1/2 months max, right :) After we announce the sex to the family, we will post it on here for the rest of famiy and friends.