Friday, June 5, 2009

Harley's 50th Birthday

It was Harley's 50th Birthday. I, Misty, had just got back in town from Destin a couple of days before and a couple of days later we were heading to St. Lucia. The weekend was Harley's birthday and we were going to Sanibell island but deceided not to due to the crowds during Memorial Day weekend. We deceided to go and eat their favorite subs, Stan's Subs and then go fishing for the afternoon. We all had a great time celebrating his 50th birthday. Happy Birthday Harley!

Daddy and Kaylee building

Sara, Josh's younger sister, had brought home this package. It came from the Home Depot Build with your kid day. Daddy and Kaylee were suppose to build this on Mother's Day but it didn't happen so daddy and Kaylee took another day and built mommy a wheel barrel to hold a pot of flowers in.

Patty and Jason Keen's Wedding

I, Misty, went to Destin Fl for my best friends Patty and Jason's wedding. This was the first time I had been away from Kaylee over night let alone for 4 days. I had a blast getting to meet all of Patty and Jason's friends that were from other states but I sure did miss daddy and Kaylee.

Playing at the park

Kaylee and I went to the Vinyards Park with Bethany Gaddias and her two precious little kids, Jackson and Jovie. Jovie is Kaylee's age. Kaylee had just been walking decently for a couple of weeks so when we got to the waterpark the ground was way to slipery for her to walk on.

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was so special! Daddy let mommy sleep in. He woke up with Kaylee and turned the monitor off. Then they went downstair and he fed her and played while mommy slept..such a wonderful gift! Then Daddy and Kaylee surprised mommy with breakfast in bed. I had eggs, toast and chocolate milk. It was delicious. Daddy and Kaylee also made a homemade Mother's Day card for mommy. It was special. Daddy took care of Kaylee all day long. The rest of the morning and beginning of the afternoon we spent with his mom and the rest of the family. We hung out by the pool. Then that afternoon Josh, Kaylee and I went to our good friends Stacie and Pastor Nate's house. Some other friends came over and we grilled out, played volleyball in the pool and had a blast. What a way to end Mother's day! It was great. All the while Josh continued to take care of Kaylee and gave me a break...a much appricated break! Thank You honey for such a wonderful Mother's day! The picture below is with Kaylee and I and Stacie and her little girl London.

Our little girl

This is how we found Kaylee one night when we got home. Too cute!