Thursday, November 18, 2010

Awesome shutterfly deal

Hey everyone, I wanted to let you know of an awesome deal shutterfly is having! I love shutterfly and plan on using them for the holiday season. They have things from Christmas cards, photo books and so much more. i plan on using them for photo books which you can check out at and their holiday cards at They have such an amazing selection that everyone will defiently find something they LOVE!!!!! I would defiently use them for all my Christmas stuff as well as the many other days of the year you want to keep and cherrish and for other holidays as well! For the quality and variety of options, you can't go wrong with! Here are a few examples of holiday cards that shutterfly offers:

This is a beautiful classic Christmas card where you get to show off many pictures of your adorable family!

I love this "Oh Holy Night" card because this is a time of celebrating Jesus's birth and reminding all the true meaning of Christmas!
This card is absolutely adorable. Not only do you get to show off your family on the card but also put your top 10 family moments to share with all.

There are so many choices to choose from , so what are you waiting for, get on shutterfly and check it out! You won't regret it!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Graduation from the Collier County Police Academy

Josh graduating

Kaylee was hillarious, she kept turing around and saying "dada" and pointing up to the front but she was quiet the entire ceremony.

Marco Island Police Department

Josh's cousin, Doug, came to support Josh. It meant a lot to see him there. Doug got the privilage to tazer Josh during his training. :)

Josh has been going through the academy to become an Auxillary Policeman for Marco Island. He just graduated from the academy and will start serving the community soon. We are so proud of him! I don't have any family pictures, but will have some soon. I was given speical permission from the doctor to attend the ceremony but was to staying sitting as much as possible. One of the other wives mother took some picutes of our family while I was sitting down.

First time fishing with daddy and mommy

She loves to fish. One of her favorite words is "fishhhh"

Daddy helping Kaylee

She caught a fish and she kept saying "fishhhh" and "fishhh wa wa" which means fish back in the water. She loved to catch the fish but didn't want to hurt them. Too cute.

We went to McDonalds afterwards to get an ice cream cone and play on the playgroud.

Kaylee's Big Girl Bed

Kaylee LOVES her big girl bed. We deceided to go ahead and turn it into her big girl bed because it was getting difficult for mommy to put her in her crib with her pregnant belly and daddy was gone more nights due to the Police Academy.

Yes, we let her jump in her bed, she has a blast.

We had a tough couple of nights but then she adjusted really well. It was hard on mommy's emotions walking out of the room while she was crying each night but I had to remind myself that is what I had to do to get her to go to sleep by herself, just like in the crib.
When she wakes up in the mornings or from nap time, she yells out for mommy and daddy and stays put in her bed until we come in and get her. She is a great little girl! She just melts our hearts! We are so blessed to have our little girl!

Special Gift from Papaw

Papaw sent Kaylee a special package. She was so thrilled to open the box. On the way up to our condo she kept saying, my present, my presnet. It was filled with yummy candies and gum, which she absolutely loved!

The biggest surprise was a book and a DVD of Papaw reading the different stories from the book. Every time she saw Papaw on the DVD she kept yelling "Hi, Papaw, Hi PaPaw" She loved getting to see Papaw's face and hearing his voice! Thank you Papaw for the special gift! She loved it!

Hogue family times from this summer

Kaylee LOVES to play hide and seek, her new favorite spot is under daddy and mommy's bed.

She's mimicking everything daddy does, she loves playing with him!

4th of July before heading to church and a party that night

Father's Day 2010

For Father's Day lunch we ended up going out with our friends from The Family Church. We had a great afternoon with the Hoskins, Nowlins and Khors families. Baby Luke was with us but somehow didn't make the picture. Then we headed to Josh's parent's house to celebrate Father's Day that night.

6 months pregnant the night after we got back from our trip

West Palm Beach Boardwalk

Headed to the East Coast

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Disney 2010

Josh surprised me for my 26th birthday to take our first family vacation. Josh's sis, Jennifer, went with us as well. We had a blast. Josh took us to the Cornado Springs Disney Resort. It had a mayan ruins theme through out the entire property. We got there late at night (Orlando) and then headed to Disney World the next morning. We spent the entire day there, literally we were there from around 9:30 am until 9:30 pm, when the fireworks show was over. The next day we spent the day at the resort and enjoyed the pool area. It had ruins built over and around the pool property, had a large slide for anyone to go down. (You could only go down one at a time, so we didn't get to take Kaylee down) She would have loved it but there is no way she would have made it 5 feet down the slide alone, of course :). They also had a kid's pool, where she got to play with the water shooting up out of the pool. Afterwards we headed back to Naples and on our way home stopped at Amish Restaurant somewhere in between Orlando and Naples. It was delicious food!

Our family at Disney! (I was 6 1/2 months pregnant)

Kaylee was ready to go and have some fun

Cinderella's castle

Dancing in the streets of Disney with Daddy

Kaylee is super excited to see all the characters

watching her first Disney show

having fun on the tea cups

She was so excited to see Mickey and Minnie(her birthday party was Mickey Mouse Club House)

After Minnie had to pull Mickey away bc he was scaring her

On Dumbo looking over the park.

Kaylee and Aunt jennifer on a ride waving to all the characters

I am not for sure who is more excited!

At Disney's Parade, she loved it!

Daddy talks to Kaylee like Donald Duck...mommy loved it when he did it back in college and now Kaylee loves it too. She was yelling "daddy" when she saw donald duck.

Enjoying some time at the resort's pool area

Daddy going down the slide

Kaylee having a blast in the kiddy area!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Josh is ordained!

Josh giving his testimony

Josh's ordination was on April 11th 2o1o after we had the birthday party at our house. It was an extremely special occasion. Pastor Tim Neptune preached a sermon to the pastor's and had a few other pastor's from the ordination council speak as well. Then, each man had to share his testimony to the congregation and Josh brought me and everyone else to tears when he addressed me at the very end of his. Then all ordained pastor's prayed over the men:for their families, calling and their ministry. Then Pastor Neptune preached and then the men were presented their certificates and the wives flowers. There was a party afterwards at the church where the men got a concordance of every book of the Bible and the wives got a book as well. I didn't take a ton of pictures bc we had a photographer there and all the pictures as well as the service are on FBC Marco's website. We also had other family member's attend such as Josh's mom, G-G and sister (jennifer) who are not pictured on this blog but super grateful they were there in love and support!

Two prego pastor's wives: I found out I was pregnant at their house!

Pastor's wives who's husband's just got ordained:

Katie, Jamie, Amanda, Jenny and myself

whewww...we've survived!

Pastor Aron put his ordination certificate down somewhere so we wives shared our flowers :)

Praying over our husbands

Mimi and poppy

Jim, Jenny and Ashley

Grandpa, Sara and Stephen (Amanda-pastor Casey wife ducking her head :)

daddy's first baby gift for Elijah from me

Daddy and Kaylee on April 10th-their birthday! After an amazing dinner