Monday, April 27, 2009

Kaylee's 1st trip to the Beach...our home :)

We have been blessed to live so close to the beach but we have not taken Kaylee until now due to her schedule of napping and eating and getting through her infant stages. We didn't want to show up at the beach and then within five seconds have to leave. Even now, it could have happened but we deceided to leave as soon as she woke up in the morning after she had breakfast. That would give us a couple of hours before she needed to go down for her first nap of the day. Here are the pictures of our great adventure to the beach.

Kaylee and London at the Park

London is Kaylee's newest friend. London is 7 mths old and her mommy Stacie, is 12 weeks into her pregnancy. Yea!!! Stacie is the Youth Pastor's wife at FBCN. She is awesome and I pray that the Lord will continue to develop our friendship and that London, Kaylee and eventually the newest member of their family will all become great little friends!

Brushing Kaylee's Teeth

This was Kaylee's first time to brush her teeth with her Barbie toothbrush from Mimi and her toddler toothpaste and a random picture of her sleeping so sleepy!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kaylee's One year old doctor visit

Kaylee has always been tiny but if you look at josh and i, it's not like either of us are 6 feet tall or anything..I am barely pushing over 5 feet tall. She is one wearing 9 to 12 month clothes..she just started wearing 9 mths clothes a week before she turned one. We went to the doctor's office for her 12 mth check up. We did not go to a 9 mth check up due to we were in the middle of moving and getting settled into our new home and i did not have time to do the research i wanted to do beforehand. That visit was just to weigh her and measure her height so I knew it wasn't that big of a deal.

At her visit she weighed in at 14 pds and 15 oz. The doctor is concerned about her weight. To be in the 3rd % she should weigh 17 pds. The doctor said that even if she is normally in the 10th % for her own growth she should still weigh more than she does. The doctor wants her to start taking Pedisure taking in at least 8 to 16 oz every day. The doctor said we might have to "force" feed her. I loved the doctor..first time we met her but i still don't understand how it is a good idea to force feed a child and how i would even go about it. I mean if Kaylee doesn't want to eat, she is not going to eat. The same with drinking anything froma sippy cup or from a bottle. The only time she gets a bottle now is at church. Dr. Shepard said that she wants to see Kaylee back in 3 weeks and see that she has gained between 4-8 oz. Dr. Shepard said that if not we might have to run tests to make sure everything is ok and maybe even see a speech and ocupational therapist. She said that they can help get children to eat foods they don't eat due to textures. Kaylee doesn't like most meats/chicken but she did have fish for the first time yesterday. Kaylee has refused to eat dinner for the last 3 nights. Please pray that she will stop her stubborness...bc she is strong-willed to say the least and eat her meals and gain weight. Sometimes she can eat a whole grilled cheese, half of an apple and half of a yogurt then other times she will pick and play more than eat anything. We discipline Kaylee when she disobeys and throws food off the table on purpose but it's not like she is old enough to understand this is what we are eating and your not going to get something different. She is not a picky eater but picky at what she wants, when she wants it. The only thing she won't eat is avacodo. It has become stressful with dinner bc she is not eating and we don't know what to do to get her to eat. We put her to bed for the night, sleeps throught the entire night and then wakes up earlier than normal screaming bc she is starving. We greatly appriciate all the prayers and encouragment we have received. Thank you! God Bless. He is good and would not give us more than we can handle!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

He is Alive!!

On this Easter weekend we celebrated our risen Savior. He has risen! He is alive! Praise you Lord! Thank You!

This was our first Easter as a family of 3. Josh and I have had many discussions on how we were going to celebrate Easter now that we have our little girl. We did not want to take the focus off of Christ and the sacrifice He made for us but wanted to do some of the fun activities with Kaylee. We have gotten a lot of neat ideas of how to do some of the fun things while keeping the focus on Christ. Some things we are doing and are going to do is: a Easter Basket but not from the "easter bunny". We deceided that this is a time of celebration of what Christ did for us and that we did not want do the easter bunnny bc it was something that was created to take away from Christ.(it's a personal decision and would not look at anyone differently if they chose to "see" the easter bunny.) This year she got a book about the real meaning of Easter, a Praisebaby DVD, her favorite snacks and her toothpaste-fruit flavor and two stuffed animal lambs. We also did an Easter egg hunt at our home which was a blast. At first she did not understand that you pick the egg up and then put it in the basket but after a few of them she got the idea of it. After she collected all of her eggs, daddy showed her that there was a surpirse in some of them. She squilled with delieght when she saw what was inside bc she knew it was her favorite treat.(toddler fruit roll-ups that have all natural fruits). When she gets older we will put other things inside some of the eggs to help her learn that this is all fun but the reason why we celebrate Easter is bc Jesus died on the cross and has risen!
We attend FBCN on Saturday nights so we went to our Easter service on Saturday night and then went to our Youth BLG's(Bible and Life Groups). The day of Easter we rested and then just relaxed. We had to go to Walmart in the morning bc we were cooking dinner for our friends that night. Durnig the ride Josh and I were able to have great conversation and refect on the day..of course we did this throughout the whole day. We spent the rest of the day outside at the pool and the hottub. When Kaylee woke up from her nap, she got in and splashed around. She is our water baby..she loves the water. We ate our Easter lunch around the pool. It was a georgeous day to be outside and celebrate. We spent the afternoon with grandpa, grandma and Sara. That night we went to Pastor Nate (high school youth pastor) and Stacie's house. Kaylee played with their daughter London who is 6 months old. We ate dinner together and then the girls went down for bed and we hung out and had a blast with our new friends! Thank you Lord for great friends!

this is milk all over Kaylee's face that she shot from her straw from her sippy cup :) (@ Nate's and Stacie's Dooley's house)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kaylee's 1st Birthday Party

Hot Pink, Purple, cupcakes and one giant cupcake..what else other than a girly birhtday party and it was Kaylee's 1st birthday party! We had Kaylee's party outside of grandma and grandpa's house where we are living. We had a cupcake themed 1st birthday party. We had a ton of family over to celebrate. All the kids swam in the pool and had huge balloons to play with..thanks to sara having them. We were all sad that PaPaw, MiMi, Pappy and Auntie Sam and Amanda could not come. (Misty's family)

Mommy painting Kaylee's toe's for the 1st time

Daddy blowing them dry