Sunday, April 25, 2010

Josh is ordained!

Josh giving his testimony

Josh's ordination was on April 11th 2o1o after we had the birthday party at our house. It was an extremely special occasion. Pastor Tim Neptune preached a sermon to the pastor's and had a few other pastor's from the ordination council speak as well. Then, each man had to share his testimony to the congregation and Josh brought me and everyone else to tears when he addressed me at the very end of his. Then all ordained pastor's prayed over the men:for their families, calling and their ministry. Then Pastor Neptune preached and then the men were presented their certificates and the wives flowers. There was a party afterwards at the church where the men got a concordance of every book of the Bible and the wives got a book as well. I didn't take a ton of pictures bc we had a photographer there and all the pictures as well as the service are on FBC Marco's website. We also had other family member's attend such as Josh's mom, G-G and sister (jennifer) who are not pictured on this blog but super grateful they were there in love and support!

Two prego pastor's wives: I found out I was pregnant at their house!

Pastor's wives who's husband's just got ordained:

Katie, Jamie, Amanda, Jenny and myself

whewww...we've survived!

Pastor Aron put his ordination certificate down somewhere so we wives shared our flowers :)

Praying over our husbands

Mimi and poppy

Jim, Jenny and Ashley

Grandpa, Sara and Stephen (Amanda-pastor Casey wife ducking her head :)

daddy's first baby gift for Elijah from me

Daddy and Kaylee on April 10th-their birthday! After an amazing dinner

Kaylee and Daddy's Birthday Party

The day started off by going to church then a baptism followed. Then headed home with lunch to finish preparing for the party. We had a wonderful day. After everyone arrived, Kaylee opened gifts and showed off every single one, I have a few pictures of some gifts on here. She loved being the center of attention and even twrilled for everyone multiple times. We were so blessed to have so many family members and friends (Nichols and Ashley Santana) who came to the birthday and ordination party. Josh had a great time as well. It is my prayer that Josh always feels special on his birthday as well...two down....many many more to go..Lord willing! We also cut the cake to announce the gender of our second baby due Sept. 10th, 2010. We had an absolute blast. As soon as we finished, everyone headed to FBC Marco for Josh's ordination ceremony, sermon and party afterwards. Then we all went out to dinner late that evening to finish the wonderful night off! Thank you Lord for such a wonderful day and to have two special people celebrate their birthday's on the same day!

Kaylee liking what she sees

seeing her cake for the first time

loving on her new bear and her new shoes

Kaylee twrilling for everyone, she loved the attention!

loving on her new bear

showing Mrs. Jenny her new shoes

opening a gift from Poppy and Mimi

Again, showing off another pair of shoes

super excited she got fruit snacks from Grandpa/ma

A picture of her with her new pony

Adorable rain/barn boots to go see her new pony in

A new trike from daddy and mommy

She's a "big" girl, she knows what to do

Happy Birthday Kaylee and .......


and baby # 2 is.......

a Boy: Elijah John Hogue

She loves "H" : Hansley, she is showing him her picture of her with her pony

Daddy got 2 i pod touches amongst other things

Daddy used a rabbit as part of his teaching lesson the morning of the party and we brought him home until his parents could take him....we fell in love with it..NO we did NOT keep it at our house for good!

This is daddy's ordination gift from mommy: newspaper front page article his was on, our first FBC Marco publication of introduction and a picture of surprise party on first day at our new church.

Birthday boy with with birthday girl! The two most wonderful people in my life! HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU TWO!

Kaylee's Birthday Cake

Covering the top level of the cake with fondant

Daddy "dirty" icing the bottom layer of the cake

Making the fondant for the bottom layer
Kaylee's 2nd Birthday Cake

Side of cake with Goffy's extended leg

Back of cake

other side of cake with hot air balloon hand
We deceided to make Kaylee's birthday cake again. She absolutely loves Mickey Mouse Club House so we searched the internet for different ideas. Also we deceided to keep the gender of our second baby a secret until the birthday party. We colored the inside of the cake to let everyone know what the gender was. I found a recepit for fondant that actaully taste really good, unlike the professional fondant. Now that I tried out a new recepit for fondant, know how it works and molds I am super excited to make more with it. I loved the recepit.

Friday, April 9, 2010

"Da Da, Boo Boo"

Daddy and Kaylee were playing, aka: Kaylee was sitting on daddy's back and jumping up and down. Kaylee got a little too rough and slapped daddy on the back pretty hard. Mommy told Kaylee " that wasn't very nice and that hurt daddy" and to " tell him your sorry". Normally she would proceed to say "sorry" and give a hug and/or kiss. Instead, this time as she was sitting on his back, had a remorsful look on her face and leaned down to appoligize, she pointed to daddy's new facial hair and said with such a serious look, " Da da, Boo Boo". She thought daddy's new facial hair was a boo, boo. Too cute!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010


We allowed Kaylee to spend the night with grandma/pa bc we had just been surprised with her pony the night before. We don't do the Easter Bunny so it didn't matter when she got her Easter Basket and she is about to turn two so in the nursey at church, she wasn't really going to understand much about the real meaning of Easter.
After church, we headed to Aunt Beth's house for Easter lunch/dinner. We all had a great time seeing everyone and enjoying the fantastic weather! We tried to take some family pictures but Kaylee wasn't always the most corpertive :). Then we ate dinner and then had a Easter egg hunt which Kaylee had so much fun with. Kaylee loved going down the slide and and playing on the swingset and in the play house.

Kaylee and mommy hunting for eggs

Daddy and Kaylee searching for some yummy candy!

Daddy and mommy relaxing for a moment

Trying to get one more family picture. Then Kaylee left to a white chair she found

Kaylee wanting to be done with pictures

Now she is letting us know she is done!

I've had it mommy!

Daddy trying to get mommy!

Having fun on the swings

Clapping her hands bc she did such a great job of taking a picture
Kaylee playing with her cousin Kayla
Getting home that night and finding her Easter basket in her room. Yummy suckers!

What is this daddy?