Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Blessing from the Lord on the way to TN

The trip started off with a blessing in disguise. After about 20 minutes of the flight attendants, pilot, and mechanical men on site at the Ft. Myers airport they canceled the flight. We all had to be rebooked. I remember sitting and watching them try over and over again and praying "Lord, I am really tired and just want to get there, please just let the door close and let us take off and go!" It isn't easy traveling by myself with Kaylee. Don't get me wrong Kaylee is a fabulous traveler. All the family says she should have her own frequent flyer miles bc of how much she has traveled in less than a year but still it's hard work! Then after a few moments the Lord spoke to my heart. He said what if I am trying to protect you from harm. At that moments I prayed "ok Lord, please don't let the door close if there could be a problem. I would rather get off and deal with all the hassel and be safe than no and something happen". I mean of course who wouldn't feel that way. I just remember thinking that even when difficult things happen, there is always a reason for them. After rebooking my flight and calling josh to come and get me, the Lord showed me what he protected us from. I was sitting at the check in area with Kaylee and all our stuff and a man came out and sat two seats down from us. He was on the phone telling his wife that he was running late bc of a problem with a plane. After he ended the phone call, he saw my Mem sticker on my luggage. He said you were suppose to be on that flight that was headed to memphis weren't you. He said you better feel lucky. He said that there was a 2 inch split in a part that cost $35,000 to replace and that if the door had closed and the plane had taken off, the plane would have depressurized and lost our oxygen on the plane. PRAISE YOU LORD! HE IS WATCHING OVER US AND PROTECTING US. THANK YOU!!! As we said in my youth group growing up "God is good, all the time! All the time, God is good!!"

Trip to TN to visit Mimi, Poppy and Pa Paw

Kaylee and I had a great time getting to visit my parents. Josh was so kind to help us get our trip extended to a total of 13 days and it was great! It was extremely cold and yucky outside so we mostly stayed around the house, enjoyed the fire,played with "Ka Ka" "Kaylee Bug" or just "Bug" (Kaylee).Kaylee got her 5th tooth right before we went to TN and her 6th came through while in TN. Patty P. about to be Patty Keen :) came over one afternoon and hung out with us. It was perfect timing from the Lord that it all worked out to get to see her! Here are pictures of the trip.

Kaylee sleeping on the plane. She has to have something crammed in her mouth when she sleeps.

Kaylee and Auntie "Manda" playing.

Kaylee having yogurt for the first time and strawberries -strawberry yogurt.

Kaylee playing...were going to have to get her one of these..she loved it!

Gabby feeding Kaylee.

Pa Paw and Kaylee outside.

Pa Paw and Kaylee ridding on the 4-wheeler

Aunie Sam playing with Kaylee.

Pappy hanging Kaylee upside down having fun.

Kaylee and Mommy geting ready to go out to dinner

Mimi and KaKa ridding the pony. She absolutely loved it!!

Kaylee ridding the carosel for the first time!

She was so intrigued with the colors and lights that she didn't know what to think. She got to ride it twice. Once with mommy and once with Mimi. Poppy went with us to the mall to ride the pony.

My bestfriend Patty came over to visit Kaylee and I.

She brought Kaylee and I cupcakes from her favorite bakery.

Patty is always so thoughtful and giving. She is always bearing gifts. I am blessed to have met Patty and became best friends with her in a short 6 weeks before we moved to NC a couple of years ago.

Kaylee's first contact with a cupcake.

Yum! Yum! Mommy ..I like this cupcake..I want more!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Celebrated 11 months in TN

Kaylee turned 11 months old while we were in TN visiting family. Every day she makes us laugh harder and smile bigger. She is our precious little one. She is tiny and petite! She weights roughly around 15 1/2 pounds with diaper on. She is still in size 2 diapers and I don't think she will be out of them any time soon. She is still wearing 6 -9 month clothes and some of her pants are still falling off of her and are way too long. On the way to TN she had just gotten in her 5th tooth and now as we are getting ready to head back home, her 6th tooth just came in and pushed through.

She is doing great with eating adult finger foods. The only difficulty is when she decides she doesn't want it, she lets you know and refuses to eat anymore but if you give her something to eat that she desires at the moment she will go back to eating her meal. Yes, I know not a good habit to start but you really can't teach an infant that she has to eat what's in front of her or she doesn't get anything else. It is very important for her to get all the nutrients and calories so if she refuses one thing I have to find her something else. Don't worry, when she's a toddler I don't plan on being a special order cook for her :) She has started drinking whole cow's milk and she loves it! She has been doing so well with drinking more. I went ahead and started her on cows milk when our trip went from 5 days to 12 days. I am still nursing and I can't just stop cold turkey with that so I am introducing cow's milk and eventually will loose the 3 feedings a day I do with nursing. I have had extreme opposite feelings toward nursing. There are moments I love it, the time with her, the way she looks at me, so funny things that she has done and then there have been moments that haven't been so great. Like when she first started getting teeth. I didn't know if i would be able to make it to a year but she eventually learned. Moments where I felt that was all I was good for and just wanting a break, wanting to be able to go out with some girlfriends and not have to rush home to nurse bc she wouldn't take a bottle no matter what we tried. In the end though, I think I am going to miss those sweet precious moments I have shared so intimately with her!

She is becoming less afraid of letting go each and every day. These past couple of days at my mom and Steve's house she has been doing laps around the coffee table and has even let go with both hands and taken one step and then she get's scared and slowly brings herself back down to the floor. She is still doing the monkey crawl. She sure can book it while doing the monkey crawl. It's qutie hillarious! She is into everything and finds more new things to explore each and every day. She absolutely loves being outside and animals!!! If she is in a new surrounding, you probably won't see her adorable smile she usually is showing off, due to she is studying each and every new little thing in her surrounding area. She is so intruged and fasinated by new people and objects. Obviously she loves lights and mirrors right now too :) She is growing up so fast right before our very eyes. I can't beleive that once we get back home, she will have less than 3 weeks until her 1st Birthday!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Kaylee has a new fetish with straws. She hasn't learned to drink from a sippy cup. We think that is becase she never really had a bottle. I found a sippy cup with a straw and that is what she usually drinks from. I had a large cup with a straw drinking water out of it and Kaylee deceided that it was her straw.

Grandpa and daddy are adding onto the house. They are planning on closing in an area to build in the grill and cooking area outside. Grandpa was really excited and added on an extra area for Kaylee's swing to go. We haven't been able to use it becuase we didn't know where to put it. They have a ton of trees in their yard but nothing seemed to make sense due to location on the property and so forth. They worked through the dark so that Kaylee could sit in the swing before she went to bed.

Going to work with Daddy!

Daddy had to work on Saturday so daddy wanted Kaylee and I to come along and spend the day with him. It was a georgeous day out and we wanted to get out of the house. We had a great time. Getting amazing ideas for us one day possibly and then just enjoying the homes and their beautiful views. Here is a picture of Kaylee helping daddy start up a car at the house that is my ultimate dream house on the beach...and I just happen to love the car too :)(Maserati)