Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kaylee is sitting, crawling and pulling up

I forgot to update my records of when Kaylee sat up the first time. Today is Oct. 28, 2008 and Kaylee sat up for the first time on Oct. 23, 2008 at Lara and Garret's house while playing with Jack. Jack has been sitting up for a couple of weeks and I was joking around and said "ok, Kaylee ready..your going to sit up and counted one two three and i let her go and she actually did it. I was expecting her to fall over. Kaylee has been trying to crawl for about a month and a half. At 5 months she started learning how to move her legs to crawl but couldn't push her arms up. Then at about 5 1/2 months she figured how to get up on her arms. Then all of a sudden she couldn't figure out how to move her legs so she would scoot around and rock back and forth on her arms and knees. At her 6 mth appointment her doctor said she might would skip sitting up bc she wanted to crawl so badly. Kaylee would not sit still long enough to even try to sit up. As soon as you would sit her up she would flip onto her stomach to push up. The doctor said she would eventually sit up but she might crawl first bc she wants to move.
On Oct. 28, 2008 Josh was home for lunch and was about to leave. Josh called for me to come downstairs. Kaylee was crawling...slowing but surely. She had her focus on the computer that was laying in the floor and wanted to get to it. I jumped up and down on the stairs. Once Kaylee got to the computer, Josh pulled her back for her to crawl some more. She is not speedy yet but sooner or later she will be. I already know I am in trouble bc last week she got acoss the room into some of my bags a couple of different days.
Earlier this morning, Oct. 28th, I put Kaylee in her laundry basket. Kaylee had hit her head on the floor while she was playing while I was folding laundry. I picked her up and soothed her. She reached out for the laundry basket so I thought it would be fun to put her inside it. It is the perfect size for her to sit up and could reach all sides of it..it's a round one. All of a sudden I see her looking at the other stuff around her..outside the basket and she starts to pull her self up. She got onto her feet and then fell down in the basket. So she didn't stay up very long.
A couple of days ago I was coming home and was on the phone with Josh and asked him what Kaylee was doing. He said she was playing. He all of a sudden said Kaylee is trying to pull up on the stool...she got to the first step and Josh got her..thank goodness!
She is a busy body and keeps me on my toes. We are so blessed to have a healthy baby girl! Thank You Lord!
Family - We let someone borrow our video camera so I will get video of her crawling and pulling up as soon as possible so all of you can see it so you don't have to wait til the holidays!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Moving to Naples, Fl

We are moving to Naples, Fl. This all happened exactly a week ago. A couple of weeks ago, Lara, one of my best friends husband Garrett was talking to Josh and suggested moving back home in with family to get rid of our debt. (We have a substainal amount of student loans from Union. We also have a small amount of medical bills were paying due to Josh getting Lime's Disease back in July. Due to this we have not been able to save any money for Josh to take classes next semester so we were going to have to take out more student loans.) Josh said something to me about it and we did not think twice about it. Well this past Monday I was with Lara and Josh was with Garrett...don't worry Kaylee was asleep with Josh :)Without knowing it each of us got into this conversation again. I came back home that night after having a blast with our friends and Josh and I stayed up til 3 am praying and discussing it. By the next day we felt like the Lord was probably leading us to do this but did not make rash decisions and wanted to pray about it more. Josh asked his parents on Tuesday to start praying about us moving to Fl. and in with them. Wednesday my Assoc. Pastor's wife, Meliane came over and I shared all of this with her. By this time I had a complete peace about it. Both Lara and Meliane said it was a very wise decision to make.
The Lord calls us to be good stewarts of our money and taking out more loans is not being a good steward. Also, how can Josh preach to the congregation one day and tell them the Lord calls them to be good stewarts of their money and we have not been living it. You must practice what you preach bc while your preaching the Word to the congregation you are also preaching it right back to yourselves! Also, we were told that when you go on interviews for a position the committee is going to ask you how are you doing stewartship wise..how are you finanically. If you sit there in say we have got ...... amount of debt due to school. They are going to say...ahhh ..you probably need to take care of that first before you conisder taking a position. It was awesome to hear Meliane say....I can see the joy and peace you have about this decision.
God has blessed us so much with all the encouragment from all of our friends and family already! Such a blessing. Also, it has been so neat bc after we made it offical that we were moving...Wednesday..yes..two days later...the Lord blessed Josh with 10 sales on Friday and a large check from a couple in our sunday school class. We now how what Josh would make in a two week paycheck to deposit into our account to pay bills we didn't know how we were going to pay. He is so good and faithful!
We are so excited to move...7 weeks and we are moving...Dec 15th. Josh will work full time and I will continue to stay at home with Kaylee as of now. Right now we feel like we are to stay for 2 years and pay off as much debt as possible. We could end up staying longer depending on the Lord's. It has been a crazy week but very exciting. It is so neat how this all happened in one week. It was such a blessing to have such a peace so quickly bc with Thanksgiving in the middle of this 7 weeks and Josh's class we have a lot to do and get done.
I think I have put everything in here..if you have any questions..just ask!

Running the Race!

I, Misty....defiently not Josh...he thinks running is of the devil :), have been training for the half martathon that is to be held on Dec. 6th in Memphis tn for St. Jude. I was extremely looking forward to it due to my step dad, mom, her sister and her son were training for it. It was going to be a famiy event. My best friend Lara and I have been training together and we were up to 6 miles a couple of weeks ago. We went out for an easy run of 3 miles and at the end of my run all of a sudden I wasn't able to run anymore. I started hobbling trying to finsh. I finshed but I have not run since and that was almost 3 weeks ago. I just tried to run again an easy 3 miler this past week but could not even make it a mile without severe pain in my knee.
I walked it off with Lara. As we did this I shared with her something I felt like the Lord was trying to say to me through all of this. I felt like the reason I was having knee problems was bc it was a spiritual issue. I have been wanting to run the race, I wanted to run with my family....I, I, and I. There is absolutely nothing wrong with running in the race for anyone else but it is for me.
I am a discussion group leader for MOPS this year and for me to run in this race I was going to have to miss the last meeting of this year in Dec. This meeting is when the speaker will present the gospel to all the women. I don't know if the Lord wants me to be there for my own spiritual growth or to lead someone to Christ but all I know is the Lord wants me to be at that meeting. The last meeting the discussion was on Priorities and is what you do day to day showing the true order of your priorities. Mops is one of my ministries and I was putting the race over one of my priorities. I honestly felt like the Lord had been speaking to my heart saying Misty until you make it clear that your not going to run in this race, your knee will hurt to where you will not be able to run. Since I have let my family know and truely got it out of my head that I was going to run this specific race my knee has felt a lot better.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Kaylee is 6 and a half months!

Time is flying by. It has been such a blessing from the Lord to be able to be at home to cherrish these precious moments of her life! It is crazy to think that Kaylee is already a half a year old! She has changed so much. She is becoming more and more like a little girl every day. Her personality is developing each and every day. She has a bubbly personality. She loves to laugh,smile, jump on the bed aka-bouncing on the bed with daddy/mommy and read books. Everything intrigue's her. She is so fasinated with everything that suronds her. She loves playing games with songs to it. If she is crying mommy can sing the A A apple, B B ball song-sing the sound of each letter twice and then the word..it rhymes and it will instantly calm her down. Her favorite book is her Bible. I am not just saying this either family :). That is the book that she reaches for. She loves to be read too. She loves to be in control too. She wants to turn the pages of the book, take the spoon out of mommy hands and feed herself and have the bowl in the other hand. She is eating marvelously!
She has now experienced almost every food that I have made for her. She loves zuccine, asparagus, squash, brocceli, mangos and so much more. It is really funny becuase her mommy is an extremly picky eater but Kaylee is not. The only two foods she does not like is mashpotatoes and green peas....one of the only two her mommy loves. I have learned that if I mix these two with corn she will eat every bite! She started out eating 1 cube of food at 5 months and is now eating 4 cubes of food at each meal. Kaylee's first two teeth started coming in on Sept. 1 and they fully pushed through on the 18th of September. The doctor said at her 6 mth appointment that her top gums were swollen so she should be getting in at least another tooth in a month to a couple of months later. I was praying that it would be later than sooner. It was an extremly rough week when the teeth were really pushing through. I don't hold Kaylee a lot unless we are playing but I was not able to put her down. She was miserable and running a high fever the entire week. I felt so bad. The medicing defiently helped but it did wear off.
When Josh's parents came to visit Josh thought it would be funny to let Kaylee try out a straw. Not expecting anything but just watching her basically slobber all over it. She slobbered over it and then figured out how to get something out of it. After that she would reach for the cup with the straw in it. Ever since then she does this. We let her practice sipping out of a sraw a little. When my mom and sister came a few weeks later my mom and sister has a strawberry bananna smoothie and she reached for it. I had told my mom that she could do it but could not beleive her eyes. It was so precious. She enjoyed that smoothie. We have been giving her sippy cups and one with a staw but they have the invention of spill proof and she is not ready to use those. She has not figured out how to suck hard enough to get anything out. We are so excited about Halloween. We will be going out with one of my great friends Lara and her son Jack and her husband Garrett to their church, Providence Baptist. Kaylee is going to be a bird. She has this bird squill she makes all the time. It is hillarious. Also when she was younger she made bird faces when she was hungery. So she will get to be a colorful bird this year....hip hip horray!!
The Lord has been doing a lot in our lives and we have some crazy and exciting news about what He is doing but can not announce it yet. We will soon! We love all of you.