Monday, November 17, 2008

Kaylee's Baby Dedication

Kaylee was dedicated to the Lord on November 16th 2008 at Wake Crossroads Baptist Chruch. Our entire sunday school class who has new babies got dedicated. There were a total of 9 families. Josh and I started off the year by having Kaylee in April and then 9 families followed from May to October and then one family was out of town who just has a baby and then another family delievered two days before the dedication. There was still two families to go that are expected to deliever in Janurary! Children are such a blessing from the Lord! It was an awesome time. Then afterwards we went out to lunch bc our friends from Africa were headed back. They had come back to the states for their sister's wedding and then she was to far along in the pregnancy to return so we were blessing by getting a couple of months to hang out and get to know their adorable family before they head back tomorrow!

Monday, November 10, 2008


Kaylee is 7 months old today. Right now I hear her crying from her room. This is something she picked up after a couple of months and has continued to this day. Every time I lay her down for a nap-which is twice a day and to put her to bed for the night-she crys and screams. Sometimes she even throws temper tantrums-yes where she kicks her legs and tears up her bumper in her crib. I am encouraged that this too shall pass. Many mom's have told me that their child did this and now they are great sleepers. All I can do is shut the door, turn on the monitor and go on about my daily tasks. I have to let her cry it out or she will have won the battle and learn that mommy while come and get her if she cries. Usually she does this for 15-20 minutes but if she is exhausted she will do it for about 30 minutes. At this moment she has just cried herself to sleep. She is getting better and better and the time it takes is getting shorter.

This month has been a big month for her. She just got over her first cold. Last monday night she started getting a runny nose and by the next night she had a fever over a 102. She wasn't very fussy this past week but very clingy. She just kept reaching out for me to hold her and of course I cheerished every moment of it! She actually rested her head upon my shoulder-I never get to enjoy this feeling bc she is so busy and occupied with the things around her. It was a tough week for her but she is back to playing with her toys, smiling and giggling. Also this past week was when I vaccumed up my wedding rings. Josh sifted through the vaccum and found 3 out of the 4 diamonds that came out of my engagment ring. The next day I was able to find the final missing diamond..praise be to the Lord! I actually just dropped off both rings to get fixed. Praise the Lord we got insurance on them back in the summer of this year!

Kaylee is into everything now. Especially the things she is not suppose to be into. I have had to tap her hand quite a few times and her little precious bottom twice. After telling Kaylee no, no - six different times and moving her away from the things she was not suppose to be touching or messing with I had to go to the bottom-just a little tap. She knew good and well what she was doing and that mommy did not want her to do it. After I would move her away from the thing and back to her toys she would watch me and when she thought I wasn't looking anymore she would start crawling back to whatever it was. One day it was the handheld vaccum, another day it was the computer cord behind the baby carrier, another day it was the monitor and so forth. One day I went into the kitchen to do something really quick while Kaylee was in the floor playing with her toys. All of a sudden I hear a crash, it was our 6 1/2 to 7 foot decorative tree that she had crawled over too and tried to pull herself up on and instead it came crashing down. It didn't hurt her but really scared her. Thank goodness the tree branch was high enough that on it's side it was higher than her head. Silly girl.

Her newest adventure is pulling herself up. She learned how to do that and crawling all in the same week but now she is getting it down much better. There have been many tears in this household this past month due to her having socks on her feet bc it is cold here and having wood floors. Socks, wood floors and pulling oneself up do not go together. After a couple of times I took her socks off around the house. She is now pulling herself up in the crib and will stand their holding on and cry until you get her when she wakes up- not every time just depending on the day and time. She can pull herself up the couch and the stairs. I have to keep a good eye out for her and what she is doing. Daddy is about to lower the crib down because I am afraid that if we don't do it now, we might not do it soon enough before she can get hurt. She got a huge blast of energy this past Saturday and crawled all over mommy and daddy like we have never seen her do it before. She will pull herself up and stand up while holding on-for some reason she deceided to let go with one hand and wobbled all over and fell onto the bed- she didn't like that feeling very much so she hasn't tried that agian :)

We are 5 weeks away from moving to Florida with going to Thanksgiving right smack dab in the middle of it. Honestly that is how I like it though bc once the Lord is doing something I am ready right then and there and this waiting thing gets me wanting to pack a lot sooner than necessary so I will pack some before thanksgiving and then Kaylee and I will stay a couple of extra days after daddy leaves TN and then when we get back daddy will be done with his Hebrew class that he has done awesome in this semester and have 10 days to go before we move. And during those 10 days we have to finish packing, I have a MOPS Christmas social at night to be a part of, sunday school party and choir presentation on Sunday night before we head out Monday morning. So much to do and so much fun!! It's going to be a fun-filled next 5 weeks.

** I no longer have a camera bc it is broken so it could be awhile before I post picutes depending if I can borrow someone's camera for right now and someone is borrowing our video camera so as soon as I get it back and figure out how to post video I will. Love you all!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Kaylee's 1st Halloween!!

Kaylee's first costume took a ton of man hours to make. Josh was the majority of the thinking process and creative process. He also cute out the bodysuit we made and helped out with cutting the feathers. Misty helped with the creativity..even though mostly Josh, and she did all the tedious hours of sewing! Misty is so greatful to have a sewing machine...this costume would not have been done without it! After it was finally done, Josh and Misty said that we probably would not make another costume again. But as soon as Kaylee had the full costume on, it was all well worth the time and effort. We both came back and said we would consider making one again when she is old enough to enjoy the costume...aka...have fun with it!
Kaylee was a bird this year. We came upon the decision to make her a bird because when she was born she would make a little bird's face with her mouth when she was ready to eat and she would make these squaking noises that she still sometimes makes to this day. We thought that nothing would be better than to make her a bird this year! We made every piece of the costume except for the velcro that was at the bottom for easy undoing to change a diaper if necessary. Everything was FREE. We did not spend one penny making this costume. The bodysuit was made out of one of Josh's t-shirts-grey, the feather's were an array of colors that came from some of Josh's t-shirt's also. The beak and eyes were also made from t-shirts of Josh's......yes he has a ton of t-shirts and if you looking in his drawer and closet you would still think he has way too many t-shirts! There were at least 6 different t-shirts involved in making this costume. The question that now is in the air...what will she be next year? Well that depends on what happens in the next year. We like to have things that relate to that past year. Events that have happened and so forth to not only have pictures of her dressed up but to also remember something funny or cute that took place.