Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Our New Home

There is so much more to post but haven't had time to competely finish due to being so busy. Our life got even busier than it already was but praise the Lord some of the ministry from our last church just finished...some things we couldn't just drop due to we were personally going through it. I will also do another blog with how we have it done now with our living room, dinning room and den. We have been blessed to be able to live here. it has a state of the art work out facility, social room to throw parties and events and a movie theater all included. I feel super safe here due to security guards at the gate, a special clicker to open the front door in picutre below, guest have to call up, then a button in my condo I can turn on, usually keep on all the time, that doesn't allow anyone to stop on my floor unless they have the clicker..only Josh..unless I turn it off. Our elevator opens up to our entry way and front door so I don't have to worry about anyone knocking on my door when were home by ourselves.

Entry way to condo. Classical music plays as you walk out to the parking garage. Love it!

Out of the front doors


Master bedroom view

Master Bathroom

Kaylee playing in her room

Kaylee's and the Guest Bathroom

our balcony...16th floor

view of Marco Island

view from our balcony

our pool

view from the pool of the condo

Josh's Welcome Party at FBC Marco Island, The Family Church

The senior pastor did not even know this was planned so it meaned even more. The children had a Welcome party for Josh and I after worship on our first sunday, Nov. 1, 2009. They had cake and ice cream for everyone. It was so special and meant so much! We can't wait to see what God does with this ministry!!!! We are so blessed to be serving here!

PaPaw's Visit to Naples and Marco Island and FBC Marco

PaPaw came to visit Naples and Marco Island for the weekend. We had just recently accepted the Children's Pastor position at FBC Marco so we also got to show him around the church and island. Some pictures are us out to lunch on the island at Joey's-great pizza place with a great atmosphere!

Kaylee getting a piggy back ride on mommy's back at our new church.

Part of Josh's office view

Another view from his office.

Kaylee kicking back in daddy's office.

Daddy's new office at FBC Marco Island.

Kaylee having fun in the sanctuary

Kaylee loves PaPaw and her bunny!

Trick or Treat 2009

Kaylee first time to go trick or treating. She was a bird last year and a duck this year becuase "Duck, Duck" is one of her favorite words right now. Grandma/pa have 3 beautiful white ducks running around their back yard in their pond. She first trick or treated at Grandma/pa's house before grandma went to work and then we went to Craig and Nicole house to trick or treat in their neighborhood with Chloe and Skyler. Skyler was Minnie Mouse and Chloe was an angle. She got over hot in her costume so half way through and we had to take off everything but her diaper so Nicole gave her lay for her to have something to wear. We had a great time.

Lovin the Fall Colors!

Kaylee's first time to go to pick a pumpkin from a pumkin patch! She was really tired by the time we got there but she did still have some fun!