Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Last Couple of Days

Kaylee is now about 10 1/2 months old. One night I, Misty, was eating some pretzels for a snack before dinner. Josh was home and we were talking while Kaylee was playing with her toys in our bedroom. I looked at Josh just for a few seconds while we were talking and I looked back and found this.

She is so funny. She is always so interested in what other people are eating. She eats solids now but if you try and eat your lunch while she is eating hers, she wants to see everything you have to eat and try it.

Family has been continuing to ask if Kaylee is walking. There was a time around 8 1/2 months old that she was trying to stand up so we assumed she would probably be taking off quick. Then all of a sudden she stopped trying competely to stand and trying to use her walker. All she wanted was to play with the toys on the walker. I just have enjoyed watching her continue to crawl and experience life. Three nights ago we were playing with Kaylee and she stood up, for a couple of seconds. We started putting her behind the walker to play with and she just took off. She went from not being able to take a step fast enough to pushing all over her room. She still struggles with placing her feet in the right spot sometimes but she moving all over now behind it. Two nights ago she was holding onto the rocking chair and let go. She took two steps and the fell. She's not close to walking on her own yet, she still has to get her feet positioning better but all of a sudden she is walking behind her walker. The next day mommy deceided to take Kaylee outside to the driveway because she kept running into her fruniture in her bedroom. They have a really long drive way so she has plenty of room to learn to walk and eventually run and play.

Then after Kaylee pushed her walker into the grass this is what she discovered.

She discovered leaves, grass and pine needles and she loved every moment of it!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

10 months have come and gone! Already!

Kaylee playing on Valentines morning.

The morning Kaylee was playing with the door trying to shut mommy out.

Who Me mommy? of course I am not trying to put my finger in the goats mouth!

Kaylee's 2nd time to eat a grilled cheese

Kaylee's 1st time to swing (Walk N Roll for Crew)

Kaylee turned 10 months old this past week. She is changing and growing every second and it is so amazing to watch her personality shine more and more each day. We have a little tiny girl on our hands. She is still in size 2 diapers and not going to be out of them for awhile. She is still wearing her 6 to 9 months clothes with no difficulty and the last time I weighed her she was a little over 15 pds and that was with her clothes on. I am waiting to take her to the doctor at her 1st birthday due to it being so busy with moving, unpacking and settling in to our new home and finding and getting settled into our new church. She is getting slightly taller but not a huge difference...her parents are short. Kaylee is saying mama, dada, bye bye and waving and waves when you say hello and wave to her. She is in the process of teething as I type. This will make her 6th tooth but who knows exactly when it will show up. She loves playing peek a boo, clapping her hands, dancing to music. Daddy didn't realize that her playtime CD was in the CD player and turned it on for her to go to sleep one night. And the second song is " I am a C-H-R-I-S-T-I-A-N". It is a engertic song and then as he is getting ready to walk out of the room, Kaylee's head pops up over the rails and starts bouncing in her bed to the song. I think Kaylee could be entertained for hours with opening and shuting doors and drawers. One morning Misty was in the bathroom getting ready for the day and Kaylee was in the floor playing with her toys. Kaylee crawled into her's connected to the bathroom.. and starting closing and opening the door and giggling at mommy. Then when mommy tried to come in she closed the door and didn't want mommy to open the door. It was cute. That same morning we were sitting in front of the mirror in her room playing. Kaylee was in my lap and I was pointing to her and saying Kaylee and then pointing to me and saying MaMa. After a few times she pointed to me and said Mama. Oh, how it melted my heart. It was so darling.
Kaylee has good days and difficult days with her finger foods. One day she will love one food and the next day she doesn't like it and will spit it out..Kaylee did not spit out any baby food even if she didn't like it except for Avacado. She has now spit out every food that she eats pretty much. She will shake her head she is not going to eat anymore of it..she's finished! Mommy will try to put it in her mouth and finally she gets feed up with mommy not giving her what she wants so Kaylee sticks out her tounge so that no food can enter that she doesn't want. I know she isn't full bc if I give her cheese she will eat it and usually she has only taken a couple of bites of her lunch/dinner when she does this. Kaylee loves, loves, loves cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches, wheat bread, applesauce, bananna's-absolutely loves. Depending on the day she loves, chicken, carrots, potatoes, green beans, asparagus and much more.
Kaylee and walking. So many people keep asking me if she's walking bc around 8 1/2 months she was trying to stand so we thought she would start taking off soon. Kaylee all of a sudden stop taking any interest in trying to stand. I have no idea why. She has never cried after falling on her booty after trying to stand so I don't know. Well, last night Kaylee and daddy got her push walker out and she took quite a few steps by herself(with the walker, not alone). We have been trying to get her to walk with it but her steps are so slow when she would take just one that the walker would go out from under her. She just wasn't ready for it. We didn't catch it on video due to mommy was sick in bed and daddy didn't know where mommy had put the camerea. So who know's if she will want to try it today.
I think if Kaylee could be outside all day long she would be. She loves being outside. Josh's parents have a muel that we whip all around in on the property and she just loves being in our laps while "steering" the wheel, going fast and feeling the wind on her face. When you stop, she bounces up and down until you go again. She giggles with excitment. She also loves being around the animals. The horse, dogs, and cats. We went to the fair and she got to see a ton of different animals from cows, sheep, goats, turkeys, pigs and many more. She loved it but that doesn't mean mommy has any desire to have any other animals than a dog once they move into their own home. I love animals but just don't have any desire to own them or have to take care of them..No thank you! I do love animals!
I just can't beleive we are already planning our little girl's 1st birthday party! We are trying to cherrish every moment the Lord gives us with her bc time sure does fly bye quickly. She is always changing and growing right in front of our eyes. We love her dearly!