Thursday, December 18, 2008

Moved to Florida

We have now been at our new home for 3 days now. We are living with Josh's parents so that we can pay off our college debt. It has been an interesting week of adventure this past week. We finished up loading the truck and headed out Sunday night at 10 pm. We drove through the night and stopped and slept for about 2 hours. Now I, Misty, of course slept through a decent amount of the night driving. I rode with Josh in the 26 foot moving truck with his car in tow and his parents drove our suv with Kaylee. We stopped in Daytona, Fl to see the largest Harley Davison Store. The last three days here have been busy unloading the truck and starting to unpack boxes. It has been a blessing to have his parents and sister's around to help us out with Kaylee so that we can unpack.

Little miss Kaylee has been busy this week too. She started clapping her hands together this week. She does it when we say things like: "good girl", "big girl", "yea Kaylee" and so forth. She loves playing patty cake and will sometimes take the outside of your hands and slap them together. Randomly sometimes she claps them over and over....i guess she is giving herself praise when she does something well and exciting! The first full day in Florida I, mommy, was feeding her cereal and I ran into the other room to get her high chair. It is one that fits inside of a chair. By the time I had gotten back she had taken the spoon, got some otmeal on it and put it in her mouth correctly...with a lot of mess of her face in the process. Lately she has started shaking her head no. she does it randomly but it is quite funny. Kaylee's doctor said at her 6 month appointment that her top gums were swollen and her teeth could come any time-which means from now to many months later. Josh found two more teeth last night in the top of her gums. They have already broken the skin and pushed a good bit through. So soon you will be able to see her four teeth in the front. It was a long night bc nothing made her happy unless mommy was carrying her around and held her close. This is the only time mommy spoils her-when she's sick and not feeling good and teething. Kaylee has been running a fever with teething just as she did when her bottom two teeth came in. Our little girl is growing up and fast. We are cheerishing every moment with her and are blessed to have a healthy happy baby girl. Praise you Lord!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

8 Months Already!!

Kaylee just turned 8 months old while we are finishing up packing up our home to move to Florida.Kaylee is a little over 14 1/2 pds. I am having a blast being a mommy. Every day bring more excitment, fun and adventure! It is so amazing to "try" and see through the eyes of Kaylee. She is such a content, happy baby. She is full of energy. We can put her in her crib at 6 am after her feeding and get about 2 more much needed hours of sleep. She plays great all by herself but she loves when you get in the floor and she can climb all over you. She loves to dance and beatbox with daddy. She bouces on everything-it makes her smile and giggle. Kaylee is an extremely ticklish girl!!!! We have tickle sessions often just to hear her giggle out of control! It is the cutist thing ever. She is to a point now where she will take a few very slow steps on her own when she holds onto your fingers. It will be a long while before she walks on her own but she wants to walk so bad that there are many times where that is what she wants to "try" instead of crawling.

Kaylee loves playing peak a boo and lets copy mommy. I will put my head down and then she will mimick me and then I will lift it up and so forth. She knows it melts our little hearts so one morning we were all lying in bed and she started laying her head down the "cute" way. Kaylee loves to babble. She says a lot of babababa and mamamamama and close to dadada but there are no distint words in the sense she realizes what she's saying, just repeating. But I know this girl is going to Love to talk..but what girl doesn't? Kaylee loves books and puzzles. She has a puzzle that makes sounds of the animals that she plays with a lot.

Kaylee also has a strong willed sided. She lets you know when your doing something that she does not like you doing-aka- putting her down for a nap or bed, telling her no,no, and so forth. She has thrown quite a few temper tantrums. It just reminds Josh and I that we are born sinful and that only by God's grace can we strive to be more like Him.

One thing that I have fallen in love with is watching her on the monitor when she is sleeping. It is just so precious. I love it when she wakes up and starts to whimper-it is so sweet. I think that is the only time I "enjoy" her cry :) I just love being a mommy and getting to see all of these stages that she is going through. I have been blessed to be at home to experience this with her. Daddy is already wrapped our her little fingers. He is smitten!!

Kaylee's 1st Thanksgiving

Josh and I have decieded that for the holidays we can only travel to one set of parents. It was just getting out of hand how much traveling we were doing for the holidays. I remember one year we had "Santa" 5 times!! So this year we planned to go to Misty's parents and then for Christmas we were going to Josh's parents. It worked out even better due to the fact we are moving to Florida in two days and will get there 10 days before Christmas. Just enough time to settle into our new home and get ready for the day of Jesus's birth!!

Josh took off work early on Tuesday before Thanksgiving and we drove through the night to a small town outside of Nashville. Kaylee did great a first. She cried at the typical times when she needed something-aka:feeding but after a while she just got sick and tired of the car seat!!! We drove 9 hours that night. It was such a blessing that we drove through the night because it hit a large part of her bed time...Praise the Lord!!! When spent the night with Giles-one of Josh's best friends and then headed to Jackson, TN to see the Rolands-the Associate pastor and wife of the church Josh was a Youth Pastor at while at Union and had lunch with them. Then we headed toward West Memphis, Ar to see the Kings. We had a blast. About 10 miles outside of Memphis we deceided to drop Kaylee off at my mom's house bc Kaylee had enough of being in a car. It was another day of driving even though we were only a couple hours from Memphis bc we stopped to see people. We headed to see the Kings and their new home and enjoyed their company and friendship! Then late that night we headed back home to my mom's.

The next morning was Thanksgiving. We went to my aunts first and then to my grandmothers-dad side of the family. We all spent the night out there and then headed to my dad's house for Christmas. Kaylee had a blast! Then we headed to my mom's that night and had Christmas and hung out the next day with my family and then the Peasley's came into town and got to meet Kaylee and catch up! It was so good to see them too! We had to load the car up that night. It was packed to the brim. There was not an ounce of space left with things that have been saved for us when we had a baby. We had a rocking horse, 4-wheeler, clothes galore-praise the Lord, and much much more! God is so good!!! He always provides!! Josh left Sunday morning bc he had to get back to finsh up his last week at State Farm and his last week in school for this semester. He has a quite house to come home too-which he did not like- but it was good for him to study for his final. Kaylee and I spent the rest of the time hanging out with my family and got to see my best friends Patty and Hillary along the way! We flew home on Thursday the day of Josh's final. I don't have any pictures from the time spent with my mom and everyone on that side due to my camera was broken and I got a new camera but it did not fit my memory card so I am getting a new one! But here are some pictures with my dad and Kaylee.