Monday, January 25, 2010

Precious Life

We went to our first doctor's appointment last Tueday, 15th of Janurary. We got an ultrasound and got to see our baby's heart beat. It was beating so strong and fast. I was just reminded of how precious life is and how quickly a baby develops and how amazing it is God created the ability for women to carry a baby for 9 months and be fully developed to come into this world.
I was reminded of how I was only 6 weeks and 4 days along in my pregnancy but I was able to see the baby's shape and the heart going up and down over and over. I was just overwhelmed by God's love and design for each and every person! Life is so precious! Thank you Lord!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

We're Expecting Baby # 2

We took a test on Jan. 15th at our new friends house, Terry and Jamie Hoskins. We took a test in Dec. at their house because we thought we might be pregnant and Jamie, who is now 6 months pregnant, insisted that I take a test. She still had some at her house. It turned up negative. So the next month came, I had my friend come that month before so thought nothing of it. Then I was late again. So we deceided that if it did not come before we were to hang out with our dear friends again, I would take the test at their house again. I was 10 days late, but since Kaylee was born that wasn't anything weird b/c my body never got back on a regular schedule. I bought a cheap test because I was thinking if I am pregnant, it's going to pick it up. It was hard to read, so I took the other one in the box and it was a little darker but not for sure, so Josh and Terry ran to the store while I put Kaylee down to go to sleep for the night. When I took the expensive one it was within seconds, just like the time with Kaylee, it read positive.

We weren't personally trying to get pregnant but God sure had it planned for us! I know that is hard for many women to hear because you so desperately desire to have your own, please let us know and we will pray for you and the ability to conceive a child! (whole heartily take us up on this!) We know this is God's plan for our lives even if we desired to wait another year just so we could get settled into ministry(this is our first couple of months as Josh serving as a pastor) but we will find strength in the Lord! What is tough about it not being planned by us is that you don't always get positive responses from people, people close to you, when you share the news. Their responses are: your not ready, not the right time, too much student loans needed to pay off, can't afford another baby and so on. Well, what we have to say is this. God planned for us to have the sweet precious child come into our lives and we are going to welcome the båby with joy and excitment even if it wasn't "our timing". Think about it. You can't have better timing than God's. His timing is always perfect even if you don't always understand it at the moment. For example, our first child, Kaylee's timing, was also God's timing and now we see why God brought a baby into our lives right after we moved from TN to Nc and Josh hadn't even started seminary yet. We would not be where we are today if we didn't have her in our lives. So, we learned quickly that God's timing is always PERFECT and seek His face for strenght, comfort or whatever we need at that moment. We are super excited and feel blessed to welcome another baby into our family.

We made a t-shirt after we got home around mid-night that said "I'm a Big Sister". The next morning we took a picture of Kaylee wearing the shirt with a cute pair of pants...and she actually wore the hair bow I put in and didn't pull it out! We were going to send it to my parents via mail but deceided to take a picture with Steven's cell phone, Sara's boyfriend and texted it to my family. We put a jacket on Kaylee to cover it up and picked up Josh's dad at their house and gave the excuse that we needed to go to Home Depot really quick. We had to pick up our washer and dryer to put into our condo. (Josh's mom just happened to be working at HD that day and we wanted to tell his parents together. So we got there and said hello and then took her jacket off and let her run to grandma. It was the best reaction I could have ever receieved. I prayed for a great reaction and the Lord gave me one ( I am extremely thankful for it) We told her to look at the new shirt she got for Christmas. She said, as Kaylee was running to her ""....I am a big sister....ohhhhhhhh...I AM A BIG SISTER...THEN hugging Kaylee so tight and started crying and said I have been hoping you two would have another one soon". OHH it was what I needed!!! Such a blessing. Thank you Lord! Then we went to Jennifer's house and let her see the shirt and then to Sara. Then we texted my family the news.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Family Life

Sorry I haven't updated this blog in a while. We have been super busy. We moved the beginning of Nov. and I (Misty) had the privilage to unpack the boxes with a toddler running around our home...aka...undoing what I just neatly did. Yes, I like my things in their spots...I can't help it. Our friend Adam back in NC would come over with his wife and he would move something out of it's spot to see how long it took for me to notice..Go Figure!

Anyways, we don't have internet so I haven't been able to update I would have desired, plus it took about a month to get fully settled, along with starting at our new church, Thanksgiving, Christmas parties, Christmas, Christmas travel to TN..where we all drove back ..18 hour trip..praise the Lord Kaylee did well..she got fussy the last 4-5 hours but it was late so it was time to sleep. She would wake up about every hour, cry because she wanted out of her carseat and then fall back to sleep. Then we had to re-organize our home due to Christmas, which took awhile and then New Years and now we are here today.

Kaylee is growing so much and learning so much. She is starting to potty train. we are not rushing it, just going with the flow. She has gone a couple of times and then sometimes refuses to go..she gets upset when she goes number 2 in her diaper. She is a ball of energy and sweet as can be. We just love the random kisses and huges she gives. It just melts our hearts. She can put on her own socks and takes time so when we need to go I do it, but she can put them on correctly. She LOVES shoes, that is her favorite word right now. She loves anything girly. Purses, shoes, dress up stuff, jewerly, shoes, mom's purse (that she gets in trouble for), shoes and gum. Oh my, we have had numerous battles with chewing gum. If she is quite and I can't find her, she has been in my purse with my gum in her mouth. She has pulled it down from fruniture, climbed on things to get my purse and so forth. She has deceided that she will take the consequence for getting into my purse just so she can have the taste of the gum. She has finally reached the 20 pound mark. Just recently.Praise the Lord! So we are in front facing car seat that she loves. She loves, loves, loves to sing. She goes around singing her songs. Twinkle, Twinkle, ABC's- and A A apple, B B Ball are some of her favorites. She does the motions to I've got the Joy, Joy Joy Down in my heart.
She got a kitchen for Christmas (her cousin Gabby's) so she has a blast with pretend play in the kitchen..we could play forever. She's got some of her toys outside on our balcony-sandbox, slide, bowling pins and loves to play out there. We have so many we can't figure out what to do with them all and have left some at Josh's parents house. She's got a lot that just take up space, She now has my old table and chairs I used with my sister to play with and Jerry, my grandfather who has passed away, had a huge part in engineering.
She loves to take baths and could play forever, she takes "special' adventures with daddy while mommy usually cleans up the kitchen..usually they go to the first floor and go outside and run around and 'check" things out. She also loves to brush her teeth and has to go first and then mommy or daddy finish. It is just so amazing to see the impact we have on our precious little girl. How much she is learning and how God is using us to teach her so much. She is talking so much now.
She is still blue eyes and blonde hair lil peanut. She has the bunny that she got from my gran (her great grandma) and it has her name on it. the bunny has silk on it and she sucks on it a lot and it smells so bad, we wash and wash this crazy thing and when we went to TN and my gran got her another one so she could go back and forth between the two so I could wash them more often. She sure does love her frog now and has a special love for both of them.
I am absolutely loivng staying at home and have been blessed so far to continue. I don't know what the Lord holds in the future with being at home but I am grateful for the time I am givin right now. Josh is loving the church and we are having a blast. Josh had 4-5 graders over for a movie in our movie theater downstairs and I am getting ready to have 2-5 grade girls over for a huge, and I mean huge slumber party..can't's going to be a blast. Josh said he is running far away from our home that night :)