Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Blast from the Past

Random pictures from the past few months...Enjoy
Kaylee climbing on a shelf in her closet. She loves to climb!

Such sweetness. Melts our hearts.
Trying on Daddy's Flip Flops

Now trying on Daddy's tennis shoes.

Feeding her baby. She loves pretend play!

Tickle Fight!

Kaylee will turn anything into a purse! Love those curls
4th of July party. Kaylee is wearing a 4th of July outfit, she just didnt want to smile any longer.

Kaylee wearing her rainboots for the first time.

Monday, September 28, 2009

MiMi and Poppy came to visit

MiMi and Poppy came to Naples for a visit over the Labor Day weekend. We had a great time getting to see them. Labor Day Josh actually didn't work but got sick and spent the entire last day they were here in bed, sick. :( Bummer! Por hubby, finally gets a day off, still not paid and has to spend the day in the bed on one of the most beautiful days ever! Thanks Mimi and Poppy for coming to visit and seeing where we live.

Our sweet Lil girl

Kaylee is now almost 18 months old...12 days shy of it. She is still wearing size two diapers but I just weighed her a couple of days ago and she was over 18 pds..praise the Lord! So hopefully we can now open the box of 3 I have had since Jan. when I thought she would be in them after the new box of 2's emptied :) I actaully just pulled out her 12-18 months clothes out this afternoon, some are going to be too big but I think she might be able to start wearing them now. Finally her 9-12 month clothes are getting to small...most of them not all.

Kaylee is a ball of energy. She starts in the morning by jumping up and down in the bed and running back in forth in her bed from side to side when you come to get her. When I read to her, she plays with her toys and runs around the room while I sit in my rocker, that I hardly rock her in (unless really sick) becuase she can not sit still enough for me to read one "page" from a book. Her favorite word is "duck, duck" and that is why she is going to be a duck this year for halloween. She also loves to make the sounds of a dog, cow, car and motorcycle. She is starting to say more words but sometimes you can't understand it unless you were the one talking to her. She says yes mama and yes sir(daddy taught her this), thank you, dada. she signs the word please but we can't even get her to start trying to say the actaul word becuase she knows that if she signs please, she get's it normally. Mommy has taught where her belly button, ears, nose, tounge are and we are working on our toes and fingers. She loves giving people high fives and oh my goodness, she gives the best hugs in the world right now! She wraps both arms around you tight, squizes and makes the noise when someone squizes you tight. It is so cute and sweet and makes our hearts melt every time she does it.

She loves playing pretend with her baby doll by feeding it and with all of her kitchen foods, cups and plates. We have tea parties. She loves to feed the dog Samson. We fill the scoop up with the food and then she carries it over and dumps it in the dog bowl. Anything she can do to help, she is all about it. She loves helping, now insisit on doing it. She helps grandma with screwing and unscrewing the cap off the creamer. Her new favorite word is "it's hot". Mama and Dada taught her this when she is sitting up on the counter and we're making toast or something likes eggs on the stove. She also hears this when she cries for her food and it's too hot to give to her yet. So now everything is "hottt". She still absolutely loves going to the barn to feed the animals and ducks and Josh brought a small (smaller than my hand) turtle home and gave it to grandma and Kaylee. Josh named him Skeeter and Kaylee absoultely loves him too but not as much as Samson. No one can compete with the dog, Samson!