Thursday, August 21, 2008

Kaylee's 4 months old!!

Kaylee is growing up a storm. She starting eating rice cereal on Aug. 3, 2008 for the first time and she LOVED every bite of it. She kept moving her legs back and forth to mean that she wanted more! The only time she has not liked it is after we visited the doctor for her 4 month appointment the doctor said to mix with my milk b/c she is on the smaller side to help get more calories in. I didnt start doing it at first bc I am producing just enough milk for her and it is very difficult to pump anymore out.
Her four month appointment went great..except for the shots...I hate hearing her scream like that! She now weighs 11 lbs and 15 oz. and 23 and 3/4 inches long! The doctor was very happy with where Kaylee is developmentally too. The peds. office gives you a sheet to show you what you baby more and likely will have accomplished for the next visit..6 mth visit..only by God's grace is it that Kaylee can do it all already...nothing I have done only God! She has been for a while doing most of these things: coo's, blows bubbles and makes "raspberry" sounds, laughs and giggles all the time and mommy and daddy know how to tickle her to where she just can't stop laughing, reaching, grabbing for her toys and playing well with them, hold her head up with no difficulty, supports her weight on her legs, holds body stiff when being pulled up from the ground and much much more. Please don't take this as bragging, I have done nothing to have Kaylee where she is now except play with her and spend time with her at home..also by God's grace. I am writting all of this b/c it will be many months before most family will see her again and I just want to let you know where she is right now. The doctor said the next thing she should be accomplishing is saying "mama and "dada". Oh how we can not wait to hear those words one day!!
Kaylee loves to play games and have books read to her. The only problem is she loves the TV. I have nursed so often that I would turn the Tv while nursing so now it draws her to it any time it is on. We are defiently working on this though bc she loves it way too much. She loves her Baby Einstein movies! She usually watches one every day. We are still having difficulty with her taking a bottle. I was always with her so it was just made more sense at the time for me to feed her...little did we know that bc she didn't have a bottle after 2 weeks of age and then at 6 weeks for a weekend while visiting would hurt her. Now it is hard for me to go anywhere without her bc Josh can't take care of her bc she wont take a bottle. We are working hard to get her to take it at home and at church. She is in the nursery on Sun mornings/nights and on most Fridays while I am at MOPS meetings preparing for this year to come.