Tuesday, October 13, 2009

18 mth check up

Praise the Lord. Kaylee does not have to get blood work done for being underweight! We went to the doctor yesterday. Kaylee weights 18 pds and 10 ozs. She can still wear size two diapers but we just put her in size 3 due to we have a huge box that has been sitting in her closet since Jan. of 2009. They are a little big but they fit enough and haven't leaked. She is exactly 30 inches tall. She grew two inches in two months..go figure. She still is not out of the 2nd percentile in weight. The doctor said bc she is eating so good at home she would not go ahead with completing blood work. So we will go back in three months to just keep a good eye on her weight. Thank You Lord for Kaylee gaining weight!