Saturday, September 1, 2007

I am 7 weeks PREGNANT!! God completley surprised us with this news!! GOD IS SO AWESOME! He is already showing us how He is going to take care of us and the baby(s)....i am praying for he/she/them due to the fact that we are both in line for twins...i would LOVE it...and if we have twins i want to be able to tell them that i have been praying for the both of them since i found out i was pregnant. i found out on August 21st(Tuesday Night)! On August 24th(Friday) I found out that all that we have to pay with the docs. visit, the pregnancy and $7 for an Advil is a $20 co-pay at first first doc. appointment which is Sept. 17th and a $250 hospital entrance fee...PRAISE BE TO GOD!! Most families have to pay a couple thousand dollars. My company is coving 100% of doc. visits and pregnancy costs!!! THANK YOU LORD. Then Friday afternoon my dad surprised me. My dad came up with a sneeky plan to make sure i would be home friday night..josh was out of town working. My dad had me put on my shoes and get josh on the phone. We went outside to wait for my aunt and uncle who were suppose to be coming in town for business and taking me out to dinner. Well to my surprise my dad called my grandmother "gran" and she said "Merry Christmas Early". There was a SUV with a bow and ribbon on it! I had prayed when i was pulling into our aparments that we needed my car to last bc we did not have to money to buy one right now . What is so cool is how God worked. When we found out we were pregnant, my gran had already bought the car and there had been insurance on it for over a week! At that time noboby..not even us...knew we were pregnant but God knew and He knew we needed a new vehicle and He took care of us! GOD IS AWESOME AND SO GOOD. HE ALWAYS TAKES CARE OF YOUR NEEDS!!! PRAISE BE TO GOD!!!!