Sunday, July 19, 2009

Kaylee's 15 months old!

Kaylee is already 15 months old. Time sure does fly bye! We are absolutely loving this stage. We have loved every stage of her life but it just seems that each stage gets better and better. Now don't get me wrong, there are defiently difficultys with each stage but i am absolutely loving it! Kaylee is just such a joy to our lives. She is in full toddler mode right now. She is doing the toddler run..where they waddle back and forth at speed lighting pace. It is so precious. Mommy doesn't get to stop much anymore due to no gates being put up in the house at this point..were living with Josh's parent's to pay off college debt. So I chase Kaylee around the house much of the time. It is nice to play in her room sometimes bc I know I can shut both doors and she has most of her toys up there. She has the cutest giggle and smile. Her smile is looking more like a kid's smile than a baby smile. Kaylee has 10 teeth at this point. (She already has two wisdom teeth and all 8 front teeth. Kaylee loves blowing kisses to everyone. She loves loves loves people! She also reaches out both hands to someone, yes even strangers in Target and other stores, and open and closes her hands. That is her sign language of hold me. I have had quite a few interesting conversations with strangers in stores due to them stopping to talk to her and then she insist they hold her. Of course I don't tell them too but they all ask if they can. What am I suppose to say. I do remind you that they are all nice looking people...noone scary yet. :) Kaylee is at least 18 pds. We don't know exactly bc we had to cancel the 14 mth appointment due to a death in the family and I haven't scheduled the 15 mth appointment so we have weighed her at home. Oh the day we can turn her around in the car and put her in her new carseat!! I know she will be much happier to see everything mommy and daddy see's. There was one time we were headed to church on Sat. night and this white suv was keeping their pace with our's. Josh and I were in the middle of a conversation and we didn't think much of it until we stopped talking for a second. We all of a sudden looked over and it was josh's parents. Josh's mom said that they passed bye slowly (50 miles and hour keeping up with us) and watched Kaylee. She somehow noticed it was them and started going crazy waving and giggling. We had no idea what was going on. Josh's mom said she didn't wave first due to she didn't think Kaylee could see her through the tinted windows but even if she could who would have thought she could have recognized her in another car.

Kaylee also loves smacking her lips and saying "Ah" after every time she takes a sip from her sippy cup. She knows everyone finds it so cute so then she get's going and doesn't stop for a couple of days. We are still trying to get Kaylee to gain weight by drinking Peidisure. We just started putting her on Carnation Instant Breakfast due to it being much cheaper with the equal amount of nutrition. Kaylee eating better at certain moments. The only problem is now she doesn't want to stop to eat. She hates being put in her high chair unless she is just absolutely starving! Even then she usually only eats half of her meal and wants out. I can't force her to eat and she doesn't understand the concept of "we don't leave the table until we are finished eating" so I take the rest of her food and cup and put it on the coffee table and let her finish eating while she plays. I know this isn't a good thing but she is not old enough for me to tell her that she has to finish before playing. When that day comes, I will make her stay and eat. Right now our goal is to get her eating as much as possible and when I make her stay, she just crys and no food is eaten! To say this, I think and so do other family members, that we are already going through the "terrible two's" with Kaylee. Disciple has had to be very strong for her. If she gets mad she screams and throws things down on the ground..if it was in her hand. She throws her body all over the floor and throws a huge temper tantrum. This is where I have to grasp her head and slowly lower it to the floor bc the entire downstairs is tile and she will throw it back and hit it if I don't step in before it gets to that point. I then walk away and let her throw her tantrum. She has also been hitting when she is mad. Some days are a little hard with discipling due to when i pop her hand and say "no, no" she become's dramatic..who would have ever thought that :) and screams like someone has just abused her. She sheds those tears and some days it's hard to see those tears fall. Usually God gives me the strength where I hate it but I know I have to discipline her or she will become out of control. She is a very big tester too. She will look straight at you before she does something she know's she's not suppose to do and then do it. Of course mommy and daddy then realize that today (that day) is probably going to be a long day with her testing bc she gets in a mood and she does it usually all day long. This isn't frequent but more than I would desire, of course! But Kaylee is one of the sweetest girls ever. She loves on people by giving them kisses on the lips. Oh, how my day is brightened when she just walks over to me while playing and kisses me. Then she realizes how much I loved it and will do it a couple of more times before going back to playing. How sweet! She also will put her head on your shoulder when she is tired and that just melts my heart every time. Then there are other times when you want her to give you a kiss and she shakes that head "no". She also shakes her head no at any appropiate time when she doesn't want to do something. She is a smart little stinker.

Kaylee is babbling all the time. Some times she babbles so much is sounds like she's whining. She says things like "duck, duck", "dog, dog" which she has been saying for a while and she just said the word "baby" today. Not "baby, baby" like almost every other word she says, just "baby". Kaylee is such a girly girl and I absolutely love it!!! She has purses that she carrys around on each shoulder and puts things inside them. She also loves pushing her shopping cart around and filling that up too. She has now figured out how to open the cabniet doors in the kitchen and we allow her to play in the one with all of the plastic tup a ware. She gets into it at least once a day. It's so cute bc she can stand up inside of the cabniet. She still loves being outside which is difficult due to the humidity. She absolutely loves animals. She loves going to the barn to feed the animals. The two goats, horse, rooster,and ducks. She gets upset if grandma says out loud where she's going and doesn't take Kaylee. She also has a small motorcycle that she is too small to actually ride but we put her on it to sit and push her around in it. She makes the sound of the motocyle as she's ridding...grandpa taught her that one. She still loves to hide under blankets and pillows from you when you chase after her. It is the cutest thing ever! We just love being parents, that's all there is to say. If I could just have a baby born right now at this moment I would!

Monday, July 13, 2009

4th of July

Kaylee and I had only been back for two days before 4th of july. We were trying to find tickets we could afford to go to DC to see our bestfriends Garrett and Lara and their baby boy Jack, who is only a couple days younger than Kaylee. We ended up staying in Fl for the 4th and overall had a good time. Josh's sister threw a party at the house and that is what we did. People started coming over early afternoon to hang out in the pool and play on the slip and slide. Josh's dad grilled burgers and hotdogs for everyone. People played pool, ping pong, corn hole, omish golf, and a few other games and just hung out. Late at night josh set off a ton of fireworks and then people just hung out for the rest of the night. Here is a picture of us as a family.

Went to TN to see family

Everyone keeps telling me I should get a frequent flyers card for Kaylee bc we travel so much :) I do have to say it sure has been a blessing from the Lord to stay at home to where we have been able to travel as much as we desire to see family!! Thank You Lord! We started off by spending the night with MiMi and Poppy and Auntie Amanda. Auntie Sam wasn't around that night. Then the next four days we spent time with PaPaw. It was my dad's and his twins 50th birthday this year and since I was in town the month before we went ahead and threw a huge 50th party for them. Due to my grandmother not feeling well bc she never stops going :) I spent the next couple of days finishing out planning, buying and preparing for the party. It was so much fun and then Kaylee just stayed back with Gran, my grandmother -Kaylee's great grandmother and my dad. I got to hang out with one of my oldest best friends, Audrey Darbey Nelms. We went out to dinner together. She got to meet Kaylee for the first time. Once we were done we took Kaylee back to my dad's so they could hang out and that Audrey and I could get more quality time together. Kaylee had had enough with sitting in a high chair at Chili's :) Then we went out for ice cream and found a park and walked the trail for a good two hours before we realized how dark it really was and that we probably should have left a while ago. It was so wonderful to get to see her and I can't wait until Nov. when she has her first baby boy! On Friday night we had the big celebration and it was fun but I was exhausted!!! It was extremely hot outside and soaked up my engery from setting up outside all day long. But it was well worth it! then the next four days we spent time with MiMi. We went to my aunt Pat's house for a party for my cousin TJ's birthday party and then that night my best friend Patty happen to be having a second reception for everyone who could not come to Destin for the wedding. I honestly had forgotten about it bc I live in Fl and at the time when she said something I had no idea i would be in TN during that time. God's timing is AWESOME!! The rest of the time was relaxing. Kaylee played in the kiddy pool. Went to Toys R Us and Kaylee had a blast. Did a little shopping and went to the zoo. I was a bad wife and didn't think..oh yeah we have never taken kaylee to the zoo before and josh isn't with us. I fell terrible that happened but Kaylee is not very fond of all the animals, espeically the monkeys. They came up to the glass and her whole body literally started shaking...I got really scared. i grabbed her and walked away and she eventually calmed down. So I pray when we go to the zoo for the first time as a family it will be a great experience not only for josh but also for Kaylee!


Happy Father's Day Joshua! This is Josh's 2nd year to celebrate being a dad. Wow! Two years already! Since daddy doesn't like breakfast in bed, unlike mommy, Kaylee and I let daddy sleep in and we cooked him pancakes for breakfast when he came downstairs. Later on he opened up his gifts and cards. Most of the day we played with Kaylee and later on that night Kaylee went fishing for the first time in the pond on the back of the property. She caught fish with daddy and grandpa! here are some pictures:

MOPS first summer playdate

I was a part of the Steering Team in NC during my first year. In the middle of the year the Lord lead us to move to Fl. I quickly joined the MOPS group at our new church FBCN (just as a member not on leadership obviously). The Lord opened the door for me to be on this upcoming year's Steering Team. I am looking forward to see what the Lord is going to do. MOPS had it's first summer playdate in the church's courtyard. Due to Kaylee still being so young she couldn't just run around and play. This was back at the end of May to where she was really walking strong but when you have kids flying all over the place on their bikes, skates and scooters, she got really timid to walk. She mostly played with her new friends Hannah May and John Robert, Jennifer Patterson's kids. Jennifer and I get together once a week and literally spend the entire day together. We got to her house and the kids play. Kaylee abosolutely loves it. She takes her nap there and eats lunch is literally an all day fun filled event! Here are a few pictures.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

My Mom's 50th and my 25th Birthday Celebration in St. Lucia

My mom and I had talked for many years that on our big birthday's we would go somewhere fun. Due to circumstances, we have been unable to do so for our earlier birthdays. For my mom's 50th and my 25th birthday we deceided to celebrate in St. Lucia. Our birthday was on the Saturday we were there! It was an absolute blast! Loved every minute of it! Steve, my step-dad, Sam, my step sister, Amanda, my sister, my mom, Joshua and I went to St. Lucia the week of our birthday. We left on a Tuesday and got there early afternoon. Josh and I arrived just a few minutes earlier than the rest of the family so it worked out perfectly. We had a driver, Terry, pick us up from the airport. We thought we might rent a car for the week but as soon as we got on the road we realized there was no way we would ever find our way around this island. There were no street signs. Our house we rented for the week was at the north point of the island and we came in from the airport in the south point of the island. So we deceided to hire Terry to be our driver for the week. We could have just taken taxi's (which Terry and his father run the company) but then we wouldn't have to wait and we got to get to know him really well.

St. Lucia was awesome. When we got to our house(Cap Estates), we had the ladies in advance prepare a meal bc we all missed lunch due to flying times. We asked them to have a true authentic meal prepared for us. We had a cabbage and other mixed stuff type salad, dark rice mixed vegatables and green chicken. All I have to say is Wow! It was absolutely delicious! We then took the rest of the night (it took 2 hours from the airport to get to our house..but i mean we got an awesome veiw the entire time and stopped at one spot to take pictures) We settled into our rooms and enjoyed the amazing view( we could see the Carribean and Atalantic ocean from our house), relaxed in the pool and hottub for the rest of the night.

Tuesday we had the woman who was in charge of the home to come so we could set up all of our tours for the week. Then we had Terry to take us to breakfast on Rodney Bay(10 min drive). We had no idea so we had Terry pick out his favorite resturant for us to eat at. We enjoyed Spinker's. It was right on the beach..just a few feet from the ocean water on the Carribean side. The water was crystal clear blue. Then we went to the local grocery store and bought our food and snacks for the week. We had two ladies who cleaned the house each day and cook some of our meals. It was really neat to see how their grocery stores are. Prices are a little higher bc they have to ship in the goods and all of their prices are in EC (Eastern Carribean Dollars). We also looked at some local stands to see their creativity. By this time it was in the afternoon so we hung out around the house for a little while before getting ready to go back to Rodney Bay for dinner and great music. We had an amazing dinner. Josh had rack of lamb and I had some amazing Mahi Mahi. After dinner we walked around Rodney Bay and enjoyed the music at the different resturants and clubs. At all of the resturants and "clubs"-not like what we have in the States, were built to enjoy the amazing weather and breeze.

Wednesday we slept in of course bc the next two days were packed full with adventure. We deceided to relax one of the days on our trip so we hung out in our pool and hottub and enjoyed the amazing view. We took some "nature" walks around the Estates and found some beautiful areas. We soaked up sun, had a great breakfast and lunch and had a blast enjoying the Carribean music. We also had a property manager on duty during the day who did the upkeep of the property. We had him and one the ladies teach us about all of the local fruits they have growing on the property. So many interesting fruits and some fruits we get in the states too. They had some kind of pinapple/orange tasting fruit (i am posting this blog almost a month and half after the trip so i dont remember all the details and names of things) that they made a drink for breakfast and just to enjoy everyday and oh my goodness, it was delicious! To say this, we had huge Cocunut tree's growing on the property and josh, of course, found a ladder hidden on the property and deceided to get some cocunuts down to enjoy. Then he broke them open, to say the lest they weren't quite ready to enjoy! Later on that night we went to Rodney Bay for a delicious dinner and fun music.

Thursday we had a great breakfast at the house and then had another great adventure planned. We headed to the St. Lucia's Rainforest. We got all geared up with our hairnets :) and everything and took a mile high ride into the Rainforest in the Tranopy. It's and open air tram and then when we got to the top we got to go down 10 ziplines one as long as 365 feet. We were up around 50 feet high in the trees. We had so much fun! The guides even put us on with them and had us let go and spun us around as fast as we could go until we got to the end...such a rush! My mom accomplished it wonderfully. She conqured her fear of heights. Each group takes 8 people so we had two other men with us. One man was about to be moving to St. Lucia in a month for business and he was there having fun and looking for a house. He was really nice and he had brought his nephew along for the trip. Our guides were absolutely histerical and we kept them entertained as well :) Then after that we hiked back up through the rainforest..quite tired i might add. you have no idea how many muscles you are using during the zipline until you are finished! Wow, we were all sore. I have done some ziplines in the states and i wasn't sore so i don't know what the difference was other than maybe how high they wanted us to keep our feet up so we could go even faster. Then we got to go back down through the rainforest. I mean we were dead smack in the middle of it, reach out touch the plants/flowers and reach for the birds and animals in the middle of it. The flowers were absolutely beautiful! Oh and what a view we had going down. Not only the beautiful rainforest but much of the island. We got to rest and cool down on the way down and enjoyed the shop. it's where i got my mom's birthday gift and my mom got Kaylee the cutest t-shirt that she has already worn as pj's :) Afterwards we headed back to the house to get ready to go out for dinner that night at Rodney Bay. We ate at another amzing and wonderful resturant and enjoyed the music.

Friday we actually got up early, had breakfast and headed to an resort bc that was where the catermarn boat was taking off from that day. We soaked up the rays while relaxing on the catermarn. We stayed on the front part of the boat the entire time where there is rope twisted as the floor to where the ocean water splashes upon you to cool you refreshing. We boat went all the way to the south end of the island where we went to see the Mt. Ptions. After two hours out at sea we arrived at Sourjfre. We got off and had taxi buses waiting for us to take us to the different areas. First we got to see the heart of Sourjfre, the colorful buildings and a beautiful church. Then we headed to their waterfall where they believe that the water has "speical powers". It was freezing cold but so much fun to had the water hitting you so hard. We finally convinced my mom and steve to get in and to actually go all the way under the waterfall. It helps having us four around to pick on them and push themselves to try new things...even if it is fridge freezing water! Then we headed to the only drive in volcano in the Carribean. Basically it was very ugly..a pile of dirt with sulfer coming out of it. It smelt terrible! But still neat to see. Then we got to see the Mt. Piton's and then headed to a plantation for lunch. We got to see how they make chocolate. We even ate fresh coco..right out of it's shell..bitter but hey I wasn't going to miss out on any opportunity to try something new! Then we had a great lunch and beautiful view. Then we headed back to the Catermarn. when we were getting back on there were a ton of kids begging for money..the silver stuff. They would say "hey you throw coin in ocean and i will jump in and get it". Josh saw this couple take a picture of some kids. The young boys grouped together and smiled and when they were done one of the boys held out his hand, smiled and said "$5 dollars". Too funny. Then after everyone boarded we headed back. On the way we made a cuople of stops to see the different bays and one bay we got to snorkle in. So many reefs and fish to see. Josh and I found an eel too!! Ahhhh. It was yellow and about a foot long. We would swim below and chase after schools of beautiful fish, small and large and had an absolute blast!! We also got to see the ship (The Pearl) that was in the Pirates of the Carribean. You can take a ship ride on it and if we would have found a place to sign up for it, the rest of the family would have been in trouble bc my sister, Amanda is in love with the movies and the actor. That is where they keep the ship now! We snorkled for about an hour and then got back on and started heading back to the north part of the island. We had unlimited drinks and snacks on the boat which was good bc the water sure does make me hungry! It was late by the time we got back and once we got off we realized how exhausted we were from the sun and adventures. We went home to get ready bc the locals throw a huge street party on Friday nights. They put out table and chairs in the streets have these huge speakers in the middle of the road- about a block surrounding- and cops everywhere. That was one of the first times I had really seen cops. I saw one patrolling up and down Rodney Bay late at night but they dont have a speed limit, the bigger and faster you car is the quicker you will get somewhere! When we got there people were just starting to get there. These people are the chefs in the resturants but the food looked amazing...well almost all of it. I wasn't hungry for dinner but I didn't want to miss out on trying some of the food so i got a kababab. I tried it and it wasn't good and josh tried it and thought the same thing. Then the story i will never be able to forget was josh feed the rest of the meat to these starving dogs on the street..i mean you could see all of their bones type starving! They came over and sniffed it, licked it and spit it out and josh says that only "dogs dont eat dogs!" So now he tells everyone that I, Misty ate dog! they had these huge speakers, taller than me all over the streets playing the music with a live dj. It was so much fun! People were everywhere dancing and enjoying the music. Josh wasn't feeling the greatest so we left early. While steve went to find a payphone to call Terry to pick us up early he was propositioned by a prositiute!!! Oh yeah and Josh was proposition to buy some Cocaine the first morning we were there at Spinkers while enjoying the ocean after breakfast and then once again while snorking!! Who would have ever thought! Crazy huh! They are very bold in some ways but overall the people are so kind and friendly.

Saturday My mom's 50th and my 25th Birthday! We slept in and enjoyed a great breakfast. We had planned on having a type of picnic at Pigeon Point but ended up sleeping in later so we just had the meal that was prepared at the house before leaving. Pigeon Point was awesome! It was where the British fought for the island. It still had remains of the bunkards that the soldiers slept in and lookout spots and places they praciticed shooting their cannons at this large ( i mean truely large) rock in the ocean. We hiked all the way up to the top for a spectacular view and enjoyed every moment of it. We learned so much here and had a blast while doing it. Amanda found a beaten path and deceided to follow it after coming back down and we found this resturant tucked under the tree's on the ocean's line. We stopped to enjoy some snacks before leaving Pigeon Point. After spending a couple of hours there, we headed over and did some local shopping for gifts and then went to rent jet ski's. Josh and I raced Sam and Amanda in the Carribean Ocean. it was so much fun! then we deceided to get cleaned up and head back to Rodney Bay. We went and did some more looking around in the shops-kinda like their mall- and then went out for Birthday dinner which was absolutely amazing and enjoyed the night. This was our last night here sadly to say! Sunday josh and I had to get up at 4 am to have Terry's father take us to the airport..a 2 hour drive that we made it in a hour and half! Then we were suppose to have a 5 hour layover in Maimi but Drew Day and Mike -two of Josh's best friends and accountability guys deceided to pick us up at Maimi and we went out to lunch there and then headed back to Naples. We had so much fun with them and greatly appricated not having to wait for 5 hours in the airport!! They were so kind and generous!! We ran into quite a few people who were there and had horrible times at their resorts..including Sandals!! I know 6 people, including myself who highly reccomend St. Lucia but rent a house instead!! I will post pictures soon!