Thursday, August 5, 2010

Graduation from the Collier County Police Academy

Josh graduating

Kaylee was hillarious, she kept turing around and saying "dada" and pointing up to the front but she was quiet the entire ceremony.

Marco Island Police Department

Josh's cousin, Doug, came to support Josh. It meant a lot to see him there. Doug got the privilage to tazer Josh during his training. :)

Josh has been going through the academy to become an Auxillary Policeman for Marco Island. He just graduated from the academy and will start serving the community soon. We are so proud of him! I don't have any family pictures, but will have some soon. I was given speical permission from the doctor to attend the ceremony but was to staying sitting as much as possible. One of the other wives mother took some picutes of our family while I was sitting down.

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  1. No way! That is awesome! Of course, you know I'm partial to cops! :)